Tooth Extractions in Philadelphia


A tooth extraction (having a tooth pulled) is most often performed when a tooth is badly decayed, diseased or otherwise not restorable. At Ritt Dental, we perform dental extractions (including wisdom teeth) during regular office hours and on a 24/7 dental emergency basis— 365 days a year.


Most extractions are quick and straightforward surgical procedures. When you arrive, one of our dentists will take digital X-rays and examine the tooth that’s causing pain. The dentist will explain your condition and offer alternative treatment options if it’s possible to save the tooth.

Using a local anesthetic, we’ll numb the area so you’re comfortable during the procedure and nitrous oxide will be administered if needed for anxiety. After the tooth is removed, you’ll be asked to bite down on gauze pack for about an hour to limit bleeding and promote blood clot formation. The dentist may use sutures to seal the extraction site.


It’s normal to experience some soreness and swelling for 24-72 hours following the procedure. The extent of discomfort depends on the nature of the extraction and health of the surrounding tissue and bone. However, most extractions are well-tolerated and heal quickly. Care for the site to ensure speedy healing with the following tips:

  • Avoid drinking through a straw and spitting
  • Refrain from smoking for at least 24 hours
  • Eat soft foods and avoid chewing near the extraction site until it’s comfortable to do so
  • Take pain medication and antibiotics as prescribed by the dentist
  • Use an ice pack as needed
  • Continue to brush normally, but use care to avoid disturbing the extraction site


In about a week, you’ll return to our office for a follow-up exam to confirm the site is healing properly. If you received sutures, they’ll be removed at that time. Pain that increases or lasts longer than three days could indicate a complication such as a dry socket and needs to be addressed by contacting our Philadelphia office as soon as possible.

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